Thursday, September 15, 2011

You've been framed!

Vatican Lists Core Teachings for Traditionalists reads the headline. The Vatican is, in this instance, involved in tactical skirmishes while losing the strategic battle.

While I am fairly sure that the press release from the Vatican did not describe the Society of St. Pius X as traditionalist by not addressing the claims of that group (and others like them) that they are traditionalist the Vatican has ceded to them the best ground on the battlefield.

When I was growing up (Catholic) "obeying the stricture, rules, and admonitions" of the Vatican and its appointed officials would have been described as being a traditionalist and "openly defying Church authorities" would have been described not only as schismatic but revolutionary.

The various hosts that I listen to on American Catholic radio make it a practice never to simply say "same-sex" marriage. They always refer to it as "so-called same-sex marriage." The strategists at the Vatican should be sending out a note to those same Catholic pundits to always refer to the Society of St. Pius X as "so-called" traditionalists.[1]

As we have learned over the last few years -- those who frame the terms of the debate almost always go on to win it.

[1] Friendly advise from a no-longer Catholic.

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